Author’s Story

Outdoor Adventure in Tiroler Oberland, AustriaGetting the most out of the sport of rafting and kayaking doesn’t have to be all that hard. That’s why we started our website for that very purpose. For those just starting out in the sport, we knew that they needed a place of support. We also knew they need to understand the systems in place for having fun while rafting or kayaking, but also staying safe. Our website is their spot to go for that. While on the flip-side, we also wanted to reach veterans of the sport who may have been engaged in the pastime for years, maybe even decades.

They’re looking for advanced knowledge alongside the science and data that have grown up around their favorite sport. With a rafting and kayaking website, we’re given the ability to meet both audiences were they’re at. We can have a section specifically for novices and specifically for advanced members. Also, unlike a book, for example, we’re able to add features that allow novices to enjoy the more detailed articles by linking to definitions or even other articles. This makes a website a really unifying force for our sport as it pushes the limits and brings new people into the fold.